We provide project peace of mind

As an industry, we strive for any project to be completed on time, within budget, to a desired level of quality and as envisioned by the client. However, throughout a project life cycle it can become apparent that efforts may have lapsed in pursuit of one or more of these objectives for one reason or another.

Elevate Construction offer an independent project health check service that can provide intricate knowledge of your project’s status. We will detect any ongoing or potential issues and suggest an appropriate course of action to mitigate these. Project health checks not only provide you with peace of mind but can also improve the quality of project life in general.

What are the benefits of engaging an independent Project Heath Consultant?

  • An external consultant can offer a non-biased, independent review of the project
  • Assessments can be carried out at any stage of the project and as often as required
  • Our consultants will approach your project assessment with an open mind and be able to make recommendations without them being shaped by how the project has been run to date

What do we investigate?

  • Schedule Performance

  • Cost Performance

  • Scope Change Requests

  • Quality Assurance

  • Risk Assessment

  • Client Engagement

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