In the last couple of weeks, Elevate Construction has started an interesting refurbishment project in Sawbridgeworth involving the conversion of offices into residential apartments.

With pressure growing across the UK for quality housing stock, we anticipate seeing more and more of these types of refurbishment and conversion projects. As well as providing much needed housing stock, such projects can play an important part in urban refreshment and regeneration with sympathetic yet positive aesthetics and advanced energy efficiency. Many of us will have seen tired looking, run-down or even dilapidated buildings in our villages, towns or cities and so the opportunity to breathe life into these buildings at the heart of our communities, if done thoughtfully and in-keeping with the locale, should not be missed.

If you’re considering a similar type of development project, whether it’s at concept, planning stage or beyond, please feel free to get in touch as we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you. You can contact us via or on 01371 859651.