As the demand for new build housing stock in the UK continues to rise, the availability of residential building plots continues to dwindle. As a result, we need to be ever more creative in identifying suitable opportunities for new build residential developments.

It may be a corner of someone’s garden that they cannot look after anymore or a parcel of arable land or pasture on the edge of a town or village, the potential is there. Many people are shocked when they discover what a valuable asset they own and rarely, if ever, use. Of course, care has to be taken to ensure that all development is appropriate and in keeping with the immediate locale and surrounding areas. it is vital that a sensitive and sympathetic approach is used to ensure that there is no adverse impact on the local infrastructure or environment. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t realise the full financial potential of your sleeping asset, you just have to take the right approach and speak to the right people.

As a leading local property developer, we are always looking for interesting opportunities to develop land assets. If you have a parcel of land or potential building plot that you would be interested in selling or developing, please feel free to get in touch. We will visit your property to survey your plot of land and give you a full, frank and honest appraisal of the development opportunities it could offer. From there, we can advise you about how to realise the full financial benefit your land has to offer. You can contact our Developments team on 01371 859651.